click to selectAdventurer Song sheet music, pdf file 
 click to selectAdventurer Induction Cards -- These are cards that were used by a local club and given to the kids when they first bacame a member of the club.. Printed on Business Cards, both sides, then placed in laminating poches. This kids really loved these. 
 click to selectClasswork Investiture Cards -- These were used by a local club to give the children when they completed the Busy Bee, Sunbeam, Builder, Helping Hand, Little Lamb, and Eager Beaver levels. This card is signed by the director and once again was laminated. Once again, they were a hit with the kid. 
 click to selectAdventurer Sabbath -- An outline of an Adventurer Sabbath. If the child did not want to go up by themselves, then a parent went and stood with them while the child did there part. It worked very nice. 

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