Helping Hand -- This level is geared for children who are 10 years old or in the 4th grade. Activites are planned to engage their curious minds.

Builder -- This level is designed for children 9 years old or in the 3rd grade. With activities geared for their active minds, your child will love being a part.

Sunbeam -- This level is children 7 years old or in the 2nd grade. This club will keep your active 7 year old busy.

Busy Bee -- This level is designed for your 6 year old or the 1st grade child. In all levels of the Adventurer Club we strive to have parent involvement. The club is designed to help aid the family in building the child's relationship with Jesus, family and friends.

Eager Beavers -- This level is for children who are age 5 or in Kindergarten. Special activities are planned to stimulate the minds of these hildren. All activites draw them closer to God and the things that he has created. Parent involvment is important to the sucess of the program.

Little Lamb -- This level of the club is designed for children in 4 years of age or in pre-school. There is a lot of hands on activities for these littles ones. Parent involvement is very important. We strive to help build the family relationship.

A program guide can be purchase from Advent Source that outlines each meeting for these two levels. It gives you exactly what to do for each meeting so that you can complete the program by the end of the year. The program guides comes with patterns and a cd of the patterns, materials list for each activity and an outline of what is covered during each meeting.

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